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Address:Narva mnt 13, Tallinn, 10151, Harjumaa
Phone: +372 6143090
Fax:+372 6143093

Who are we?In 1994 we started to provide our services under Larssen® trademark. Few year later we were among the leaders in the field of corporate consulting and corporate services. Larssen has started with providing services related to registration and administration of companies in Estonia and abroad. Growing needs of our customers became the basis for expansion of the company’s activities. During these years we have reached the leading position on the Estonian market and were able to significantly increase the range of our services. Advances of the market and demand for stricter regulation of activities of businesses resulted in the increased demand for legal, financial and tax advice related to registration of companies abroad, their administration, accounting support and capital protection. Our experience shows that customers need extensive support that require us to be highly professional, to swiftly react to changes in international and domestic law and to possess knowledge of legal system of different countries. Since 11 February 2010 we are a member of Сrowe Horwath International group that is among the ten world’s largest auditor and consulting corporations. It provides our customers with access to first-class services all over the world.